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National Parks Hungary - Pure Nature

Landlocked Hungary lies in the central part of the Danube Basin and is divided into three major geographic areas: the Great Plains in the central and eastern part of the country; the Transdanube, a hilly region lying west of the Danube River and extending to the Austrian foothills of the Alps; and the Northern Hills, a mountainous region beyond the northern boundary of the Great Hungarian Plain.

Altough Hungary ia a small country, it is rich in biodiversity and is home to such species as: roe deer, wild boar, fox, mouflon, imperial eagle and great bustard. The Great Plain region is an important breeding ground and migration stop for a number of migratory bird species.

Hungary has 10 national parks, 145 minor nature reserves and 35 landscape protection areas. This list includes national parks only. The Aggtelek and Hortobágy National Parks are also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pictures National Park Hortobágy, Puszta five